Package org.apache.aries.application.modelling

Interface Summary
DeployedBundles A model of a collection of bundles and similar resources
ExportedBundle Model a bundle, required by another bundle.
ExportedPackage Model an exported package.
ExportedService This interface models the exported service.
ImportedBundle Model a required bundle.
ImportedPackage Model an imported package.
ImportedService This interface represents the imported service.
ModelledResource Model a bundle resource.
ParsedServiceElements A simple data structure containing two immutable Collections, one each of ImportedServiceImpl and ExportedServiceImpl
ParserProxy This interface is implemented by the service which proxies the Apache Aries blueprint parser.
Provider Base interface to model a bundle, package or service
WrappedReferenceMetadata Information about a parsed blueprint reference
WrappedServiceMetadata A proxy for org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect.ServiceMetadata, which we cannot pass to clients in the outer framework.

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