Package org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect

Blueprint Reflection Package Version 1.0.


Interface Summary
BeanArgument Metadata for a factory method or constructor argument of a bean.
BeanMetadata Metadata for a Bean component.
BeanProperty Metadata for a property to be injected into a bean.
CollectionMetadata Metadata for a collection based value.
ComponentMetadata Metadata for managed components.
IdRefMetadata Metadata for the verified id of another component managed by the Blueprint Container.
MapEntry Metadata for a map entry.
MapMetadata Metadata for a Map based value.
Metadata Top level Metadata type.
NonNullMetadata Metadata for a value that cannot null.
NullMetadata Metadata for a value specified to be null via the <null> element.
PropsMetadata Metadata for a java.util.Properties based value.
ReferenceListener Metadata for a reference listener interested in the reference bind and unbind events for a service reference.
ReferenceListMetadata Metadata for a list of service references.
ReferenceMetadata Metadata for a reference that will bind to a single matching service in the service registry.
RefMetadata Metadata for a reference to another component managed by the Blueprint Container.
RegistrationListener Metadata for a registration listener interested in service registration and unregistration events for a service.
ServiceMetadata Metadata for a service to be registered by the Blueprint Container when enabled.
ServiceReferenceMetadata Metadata for a reference to an OSGi service.
Target A common interface for managed components that can be used as a direct target for method calls.
ValueMetadata Metadata for a simple String value that will be type-converted if necessary before injecting.

Package org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect Description

Blueprint Reflection Package Version 1.0.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest. For example:

Import-Package: org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect; version="[1.0,2.0)"

This package provides a reflection-based view of the configuration information for a Blueprint Container.

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