Class RecursiveBundleTracker

  extended by org.apache.aries.util.tracker.RecursiveBundleTracker

public final class RecursiveBundleTracker
extends Object

This class supports the tracking of composite bundles. It allows clients to ignore any events related to framework bundles, as it will automatically handle these events. In order to use this class clients must create a subclass and implement the methods of the BundleTrackerCustomizer interface. In spite of this, instances of this class MUST NOT be passed as a parameter to any BundleTracker.

The model for using this is that classes should instantiate it and pass it a 'vanilla' bundle tracker.


Constructor Summary
RecursiveBundleTracker(BundleContext context, int stateMask, BundleTrackerCustomizer customizer)
Method Summary
 void close()
          Stop the tracking of bundles
 void open()
          Start tracking bundles that match the bit mask provided at creation time.
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Constructor Detail


public RecursiveBundleTracker(BundleContext context,
                              int stateMask,
                              BundleTrackerCustomizer customizer)

context - - The BundleContext against which the tracking is done.
stateMask - - The bit mask of the ORing of the bundle states to be tracked. The mask must contain the flags Bundle.INSTALLED | Bundle.STARTING | Bundle.ACTIVE | Bundle.STOPPING as a minimum.
IllegalArgumentException - - If the provided bit mask does not contain required flags
Method Detail


public void open()
Start tracking bundles that match the bit mask provided at creation time.

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public void close()
Stop the tracking of bundles

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