Interface BundleConverter

public interface BundleConverter

A BundleConverter turns a .jar that is not an OSGi bundle into a well formed OSGi bundle, or a .war that is not a WAB into a WAB. The first converter to return a non-null result is taken as having fully converted the bundle.

Method Summary
 BundleConversion convert(IDirectory parentEba, IFile fileInEba)

Method Detail


BundleConversion convert(IDirectory parentEba,
                         IFile fileInEba)
                         throws ConversionException
parentEba - The root of the eba containing the artifact being converted - a zip format file with .eba suffix, or an exploded directory.
fileInEba - The object within the eba to convert
valid input stream or null if this converter does not support conversion of this artifact type.
ConversionException - if conversion was attempted but failed

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