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Packages that use Provider

Uses of Provider in org.apache.aries.application.modelling

Subinterfaces of Provider in org.apache.aries.application.modelling
 interface ExportedBundle
          Model a bundle, required by another bundle.
 interface ExportedPackage
          Model an exported package.
 interface ExportedService
          This interface models the exported service.

Methods in org.apache.aries.application.modelling with parameters of type Provider
 boolean Consumer.isSatisfied(Provider capability)
          Whether the provider object satisfies the consume criteria.

Uses of Provider in org.apache.aries.application.modelling.utils

Methods in org.apache.aries.application.modelling.utils with parameters of type Provider
 boolean ModellingHelper.areMandatoryAttributesPresent(Map<String,String> consumerAttributes, Provider p)
          Check that all mandatory attributes from a Provider are specified by the consumer's attributes

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