Release Notes

New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the 0.3 release.

New Components


The proxy component was added in 0.3. Proxy allows you to generate proxyies based on interfaces or classes, eg object damping. Proxy provides a service to both blueprint and JNDI.

Major updates


The application component in 0.3 provides a runtime in which OSGi applications are isolated from each other, and the provisioning support that it requires. These changes mean that the 0.3 release of aplication is significantly different from the 0.2 release.

The resolver also supports external bundle repositories in 0.3.


Blueprint namespace support has been added. This makes it possible to look up Blueprint components from Web or Persistence bundles.

Modules in this release

  • testsupport

  • util

  • proxy

  • quiesce

  • application

  • blueprint

  • transaction

  • jpa

  • jndi

  • jmx

  • web

  • samples

New samples

No new samples but we changed the Blog Sample and Aries Trader samples so that no database initialisation is required prior to running the sample.

New Tutorials


API breaking


Known Issues


Important changes to consider when upgrading