General information

Apache Aries modules are distributed in source and binary form. These KEYS can be used to verify the releases.

All Apache Aries products are distributed under the terms of The Apache Software License (version 2.0). See the LICENSE file included in each distribution for additional license information.

Official downloads

The official downloads for Apache projects are hosted at Apache. For maven users we recommend to simply refer to the individual maven artifacts instead of downloading by hand.

Maven central

All Aries modules are released to maven central.

The Aries subprojects can be found at these locations

Apache Karaf

Apache Karaf is a modular OSGi server that integrates very well with Aries. Most aries subprojects can be installed into Apache Karaf using features. For example feature:install jndi installs the Aries jndi modules.


The easiest way to use the samples is to download the source zip, navigate to the appropriate 'assembly' module and run mvn install to download all the released binary artifacts. Alternatively you can build the entire source.