Repository Generation Tool

It is a command line tool to generate a repository xml for a list of bundles. The instruction is as follows.

  1. Obtain the tool
    a) Build the tool from Aries trunk.
    The easiest way to obtain the tool is to download the aries trunk, navigate to the 'application->application-tooling-repository-generator', and then run mvn install, copy all jars from the the target directory.

  2. Execute the command line tool

    java -jar org.apache.aries.application.tooling.repository.generator-xxx.jar [repository xml location] url1 [url2...]

Note: The text under the [] is optional. If [repository xml loaction] is absent, the repository.xml file will be generated under the current directory.

The xxx is the maven version of bundle org.apache.aries.application.tooling.repository.generator, e.g. 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
The file: protocol - url can be a file or a directory, all valid bundles under that directory or subdirectory will be included in the repository xml (no need to list every single jar).

Following is an example of generating a repository xml for all the bundles under the directory of c:\temp\test\jars recursively and a bundle located under The repository xml is saved under c:\temp\test with the file name of repo.xml.

java -jar org.apache.aries.application.tooling.repository.generator-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar c:\temp\test\repo.xml file:///C:/temp/test/jars